The 15th New Media Film Festival®, a celebration of innovative content that pushes the boundaries of storytelling, has announced its 2024 award winners. This prestigious event, known for its diverse and dynamic selection of works, has once again highlighted the best in new media. The festival’s commitment to honoring stories worth telling is evident in its lineup of winners, which includes groundbreaking films, documentaries, and digital & tech projects.

Los Angeles, CA, United States, 7th Jun 2024 – The realm of visual and interactive art is ever-expanding, with creators pushing the boundaries of expression and technology to bring new experiences to audiences. The Grand Prize winner, Christopher Ruane, with his Los Angeles Premier of an XR experience, invites viewers to step back in time and immerse themselves in the historical significance of a 20th-century locomotive, rendered in stunning 3D. This blend of history and cutting-edge technology exemplifies the innovative spirit of the awards.

In the animation category, directors Bahram Sadeghi and Cristina Garcia Martin from the Netherlands capture a pivotal moment in communication history with their portrayal of the first mobile phone call by Martin Cooper. Their work serves as a reminder of how far technology has come and the individuals who have paved the way for modern conveniences.

The Best Art award goes to Josh Aronson’s exploration of Aris Demetrios’ life, a sculptor who has made a lasting impact with his unique approach to materials and his deep connection with the natural world. This documentary highlights the personal journey and creative process of an artist dedicated to making a statement through his sculptures.

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The Best AI category showcases John Kalning’s ‘Eximium Cor Verdant 9,’ a narrative that delves into the existential challenges faced by two cyborgs. This Los Angeles Premier stands out for its philosophical inquiry into identity and the essence of the soul, framed within a futuristic context.

Christopher Ruane also takes home the Best AR award for his meticulous compilation of data from the M42 & M43 nebula. His work represents the awe-inspiring beauty of the cosmos, captured through a laborious process that translates thousands of years of light travel into a singular, breathtaking image.

For the younger audience, ‘If I Were A Pony’ by Leonard I Eckhaus offers a heartwarming tale from the perspective of a pony, sharing adventures with a young boy. This World Premier is a testament to the power of storytelling and the bond between children and their animal companions.

The digital comic sphere is represented by ‘The Legion of WAYB4,’ penned by Jared & Whitney Stadtman. This narrative follows the King children, who face the trials of a secret society, reflecting the classic themes of coming-of-age and the choices that define us.

In the documentary category, ‘Alien Abduction – A Physical Case’ by Jared Sagal confronts the skepticism surrounding extraterrestrial encounters. These World Premier challenges viewers to consider the credibility of personal testimonies in the face of disbelief.

Each of these winners exemplifies the diverse and dynamic nature of the awards, celebrating the fusion of art, technology, and storytelling that continues to captivate and inspire audiences around the world. The creators’ dedication to their craft not only entertains but also provokes thought, reflection, and a deeper appreciation for the myriad ways in which art intersects with our daily lives.

The world of visual and interactive media is a vast and ever-evolving landscape, where creators from across the globe bring their unique visions to life. From the rugged terrains of Australia captured through the lens of a drone by Chris Tangey, to the imaginative realms of ‘Monster Island’ by Orlando Mendes, each piece offers a window into different perspectives and stories. 


Cem Ertunc’s ‘One Way’ takes us on a gritty journey through the streets of Turkey, while Kai-Ting Kao’s ‘Alone Time’ challenges players to introspect through gameplay. The metaverse expands with ‘Ancestral Futurism’ by Sadah Espii Proctor and Valentina Vargas, a testament to the power of collaborative artistry among BIPOC creators. Andreas Waldenmaier’s ‘Nirwana Gold’ immerses audiences in spiritual experiences through mixed reality, and Miguel Lopez de Leon’s ‘Escape’ grips us with the urgency of a man’s fight for freedom. 


Music and its visual representation take center stage with Terry Blade and Ava Della Pietra’s ‘Talk it out’ and Diego Lopez’s ‘Courtyard’, each telling stories through melody and imagery. Eero Tiainen’s ‘Love Simulation EVE’ invites us to ponder the digitalization of emotions and relationships. These creators, along with many others, represent the diverse tapestry of human creativity, each contributing to the rich cultural narrative that media arts celebrate and perpetuate. Their works not only entertain but also challenge, inspire, and open dialogues about the human experience in this digital age.

The landscape of visual storytelling is vast and varied, as evidenced by the diverse array of award-winning scripts and films. From the gripping narrative of “The Isthmus,” where a CIA operative’s life takes a dramatic turn into the world of crime and power, to the innovative exploration of art and science in “Gyorgy Kepes. Interthinking Art and Science,” these works showcase the depth and breadth of creative expression. The poignant “Rhino Man” brings to light the urgent need for conservation, with a powerful endorsement from Prince William, while “The Piccadilly Restoring Her Former Glory” celebrates the timeless allure of cinema. The playful “Pickleball Is Life – DILL WITH IT!” offers a comedic twist on friendship and competition. Each piece, whether it delves into the complexities of human nature or the simple joys of life, contributes to the rich tapestry of film and television, inviting audiences to experience a myriad of worlds and emotions. These stories, whether they unfold on the big screen or within the immersive realm of VR, remind us of the power of media to inform, entertain, and inspire.

While the full details  of awardees is available on the festival’s official website, The New Media Film Festival® continues to be a beacon for creators who are redefining the art of storytelling through the use of new technologies and platforms.

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