The meme coin economy is about to get a massive shakeup with the launch of, the first-ever fair launch platform built for meme coins on BNB Chain, a community-driven blockchain ecosystem that is removing barriers to Web3 adoption that is composed of BNB Smart Chain (BSC), opBNB, and Greenfield.

By leveraging the gas savings, transparency, and efficiency of the BSC chain, aims to empower creators and communities to launch meme coins with a level playing field for everyone.

image.jpegTo launch meme coins, users simply connect their wallet and mint their own token at a minimal cost. They can launch a token by adding a name, a symbol, and an image.

Key features of

  • Fair launch: Every meme coin launch on utilizes a fair launch mechanism, ensuring no pre-sale, seed round, or team allocation. This creates a level playing field for all participants.
  • Community-driven: is built around the power of community. Creators can easily launch their meme coin ideas and garner support from their audience directly on the platform and on the community social pages.
  • Integrated trading tools: plans to integrate seamlessly with various tools, such as trading bots and AI-powered market analysis services, allowing meme coin projects to unlock additional utility and functionality, and to empower users and facilitate informed investment decisions.
  • Building on the BSC: operates on the BSC (L1 of BNB Chain Ecosystem) which offers fast transaction speeds, low-cost transactions, access to a deep pool of liquidity, and the security of a proven blockchain infrastructure.
  • Easy to invest: makes it super easy for users to invest in new meme coins on the platform.

Empowering creators, traders, and opportunists in the BNB Chain ecosystem caters to three distinct types of users – creators, traders, and opportunists in the meme coin space.

Creators can easily mint and launch tokens with low fees while connecting with their community through social media integration. Traders can benefit from additional liquidity incentives like airdrops, ensuring fair token prices and market participation. Opportunists will be able to unearth promising meme coins on the BNB Chain platform and capitalize on market trends.

By catering to these specific needs, aims to become a central hub for innovation, attract a diverse user base, and build a strong community.

“We’re passionate about building a thriving meme economy on BNB Chain,” says Ed, Co-founder of “We launched to solve a lack of meme creation platforms on the chain with the largest user base in the world. We hope that the platform provides the BNB Chain community with a level playing field to launch the next generation of viral memes.”

The team is also in discussion with BNB Chain core team to provide more features and support for meme coin creators to flourish on the platform in the near future.

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We are, a fair launch platform for meme coins on the BSC chain. Our platform is dedicated to empowering creators and communities to launch successful meme coin projects with ease.


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Sloane Barlow

PR Director


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